Google’s Matt Cutts gave a keynote “You and A” presentation at SMX Advanced this week, and mentioned that Google is considering offering a tool that would let webmasters disavow certain links. Would you find such a tool useful? Let us know in the comments. Matt McGee at SMX sister site Search Engine Land liveblogged the

Testing, testing, and more testing is the mantra of many Internet entrepreneurs. If you have already set clear goals detailing what you want visitors to do while on your site, Google Analytics has introduced a method to test different landing pages to determine which converts best. Depending on the role your website plays in your

Ranking your website. Music to your ears, no? We’re all painfully aware that the search engine algorithm updates show no signs of stopping. If anything, SEO will only get harder. It’s tougher to rank now than at any point in the history of the Internet, and many small-time webmasters have speculated that there may come

With all the talk about Google being a monopoly, the company is probably glad (at least partially) to see Apple make some search-related announcements during its WWDC keynote, which could help the argument in Google’s favor (even if hurting its market share). Should Google be worried about Apple’s announcements? Tell us what you think. For

Google’s Matt Cutts put out a Webmaster Help video discussing how to alert Google when your competitors are engaging in webspam and black hat SEO techniques. The video was in response to the following user-submitted question: White hat search marketers read and follow Google Guidelines. What should they tell clients whose competitors use black hat

Written by Jenna Scaglione on May 23, 2012 in Facebook, Internet Marketing, Social Media Imagine you spent hundreds of dollars on Facebook advertising and it resulted in only two more visitors to your website.Does this sound familiar? It is not uncommon, especially for Peter Faulkner, chairman and owner of the small family business, Faulkner packaging. Faulkner Packaging is a family