The last wave of Google changes has left everyone in the world of SEO with bewildered brains and sweaty palms. We’re trying to regroup, make sense of the madness, and scrambling to create another cohesive SEO strategy for our websites. But in the aftermath of all these algo updates (and promises of plenty more to

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10 SEO and Link Building Mistakes

Saturday, 07 July 2012 by

Mistake 1 – Neglecting On-page Optimization: I think more people are beginning to understand the importance of on-page optimization when it comes to ranking their web pages. With so much focus on keywords and link building though, often I see webmasters focusing too heavily on the “off page” stuff, without realizing what they do “on”

Imagine your website content was so effective that every targeted visitor wanted to find out more information about your business. Now wake up, because sadly, this is often not the case, even though it is entirely achievable. How do I know this? I encounter dozens of websites on a weekly basis that not only fail

The Google Penguin algorithm update is nothing to worry about if you continue writing articles naturally, and without endless keyword repetition. The update has been designed to catch out those relying on ‘black hat’ web-spamming techniques to boost their rankings, and not those that have gained their ranking position fairly and honestly. A search engine’s

I had an aha moment the other day while poring over the Google Analytics data for the niche site that I’m building. It’s currently ranking on the first page of Google for a handful of keywords, but the number of people who are actually clicking through to my site is leaving something to be desired.