Google is updating its PageRank information it uses daily. The information we have is therefore always out of date. Google releases PageRank information in integers whilst Google knows the decimal places. As PageRank is logarithmic we may see a PageRank of 2 but we do not know if it is 2.01 or 2.99 which would

Stop Following the SEO Crowd

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A lot has been written on Google’s updates. So much has been written that I typically ignore new articles on the updates (can we really have anything else to say?). So I will offer you this promise: this article will not talk about animals that start with the letter “P”. Rather, I want to talk

Contact Form Plugin

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Contact Form Plugin by BestWebSoft is a sweet little plugin that integrates into your wordpress page, or post, by a shortcode. Very useful for blogs, no php or html knowledge required. It is relatively popular among wordpress users, I my self use it on couple of my clients websites, mostly for its multi language support. Here are

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Ever seen that show about the world’s dumbest criminals? Well, it turns out that some SEOs are just as clueless as the jokers featured on that program. It’s really cool to watch how fast the Internet moves sometimes, and the story I’m about to tell you is proof positive that in the search community, when you attack

If you think you have heard it all from the Google front, think again. In today’s post, you will learn about an ex-Google employee who decided to share some of his experience at Google and give webmasters some juicy insider tips. On his site, James Norquay landed an exclusive interview with Andre Weyher, a former member of

WordPress Statistics Plugin

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WordPress Statistics Plugin, or short WP Statistics is a very useful and easy to use plugin to keep track of your blog visitors. The programming behind the plugin is very simple, witch is the thing that makes it so genius. I use it on all my sites, and all my client sites. It has proven

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What is Akismet? Akismet is a hosted web service that saves you time by automatically detecting comment and trackback spam. It’s hosted on our servers, but we give you access to it through plugins and our API. How can I use Akismet? There are a couple of ways: The easiest is through pre-built plugins. WordPress

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The last wave of Google changes has left everyone in the world of SEO with bewildered brains and sweaty palms. We’re trying to regroup, make sense of the madness, and scrambling to create another cohesive SEO strategy for our websites. But in the aftermath of all these algo updates (and promises of plenty more to

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Written by Nell Terry on October 9, 2012 in General, SEM, SEO I’m really starting to wonder if the engineers at Google have been sleeping in shifts this past week. I wrote about the EMD update last week, and one day later, I discovered that a Panda update had rolled out directly before the EMD algo. Google didn’t announce the change until after