On May 30th, Google announced the release of Google+ Local, replacing Google Places and adding several important upgrades including social features and Zagat reviews. The new Google+ Local pages will be indexed and show up in search results, so optimization and reviews will play an important role in future SEO strategy. This means a significant

Here are 7 reasons you should consider being an active participant in Internet marketing forums. Each of the reasons is a valuable step in the entire process of becoming a successful Internet marketer. If you can master the entire process, you will have a distinct advantage over your competition in all your future ventures. 1.

It seems like the chances for sites to get their content into organic Google search results is continuing to decrease. In a recent article, we looked at some of the recent changes Google has made to its algorithm, including things to make it better at natural language, give it a decreased dependence on keywords, and giving

It may take some time and work to rank your new website for your desired keywords. However, by leveraging OPPR (Other People’s PR) you can actually have your website represented in multiple positions throughout the first several pages of search relatively quickly. The recent Penguin update has penalized sites which were “over-optimized.” For example, did

As we all know that Do Follow links can help you in increasing your PR (Page Rank) on Google & also they can get some good quality traffic to your website in addition to better search engine rankings. Getting Do Follow links to your blog /website is part of Off page SEO.Do Follow links are nothing but links without

1. Stats Personally, I feel it is essential for bloggers to track the activity on their blogs. You can make use of a web analytics tool, but it takes sometime to navigate through all the reports. That is where a plugin will be handy. The Stats plugin is a big help in this regard.

Blogging is a form of social media and for social media to be successful you need interaction. A non-interactive neglected blog will simply die out and become oblivious to the cyber world. Blogging became popular in the late 1990s and is one of the most effective ways of social networking. Although blogging started out more